Rockers Beatboxing Program logo: a pink badge with a yellow background and two pink crossing microphones.




Our BEAT Rockers program teaches beatboxing to all youth, but is particularly effective for people with physical and/or developmental disabilities or low vision. 

Rather than teaching students how to play an instrument, students become the instrument through their own voices and bodies. 

We have proudly taught beatboxing to over 1,000 students over a decade at the Lavelle School for the Blind in the Bronx, as well as other schools and community organizations that serve people with disabilities. 

Students learn the basic elements of Beatboxing, such as a basic drum pattern consisting of a kick drum, snare drum, and high hat sound. Students will also learn how to put these three sounds together into percussive patterns of their own making.


Social-Emotional Outcomes:

  • Participants will gain communication skills to strengthen interaction in social situations
  • Participants will gain confidence in their self-expression and voice
  • Participants may improve on articulation with words and sounds
  • Participants will improve their active listening skills
  • Participants will improve their call and response skills  


While these lessons are not a replacement for clinical speech therapy, they are an interactive and fun way to take practicing to the next level!

Every child should enjoy music, and we believe beatboxing is a human instrument that can unlock the creative potential of our youth. Beatboxing is free and accessible regardless of one’s background, socioeconomic status, nationality or (dis)ability. 

Please contact our Program Manager, Tanasia Peacock, and Program Assistant, Aileen Leon-Echeverria, with inquiries.

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