Breakers Breakin' & Dance Program logo: teal badge with purple background featuring a teal Bboy in a pose.




‍Our BEAT Breakers program is a B-boy/B-girl program that teaches the roots of breakdancing. This program is particularly effective for younger students, from K-12. 

Students learn the fundamentals of the toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes that have made breakin’ and street dance iconic around the world.

Each energetic, interactive workshop teaches the importance of body movement, awareness, and emotional wellbeing, while helping young people understand how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Students will also learn the history and significance of Hip Hop and feel empowered to express themselves through their own bodies.

Social-Emotional Outcomes:

  • Participants will experience improved physical and mental health
  • Participants will acquire an enhanced understanding of their body language  
  • Participants will experience increased self-confidence and engagement in group activities 
  • Participants will improve problem solving, teamwork, empathy and critical thinking skills

These workshops are responsive to themes and topics that reflect students’ personal experiences and environments. Students not only learn the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance, but also how to make healthy choices so they continue to thrive.

Please contact our Program Manager, Tanasia Peacock, and Program Assistant, Aileen Leon-Echeverria, with inquiries.

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