A gold coin with the BEAT logo in the center and ones and zeros along the border of the coin.

If you believe in the power of Hip Hop as a tool for wellness, then “BEATcoins” are the investment for you.

Happy Summer, BEAT fam! 

You’ve read about all of our big updates over the last few weeks. We hope you’re just as fired up as we are about increasing access to Hip Hop’s power to heal. 

As this unparalleled school year comes to a close for our students, we thank you for embracing our mission to champion Hip Hop as a dynamic tool in improving physical and mental wellbeing. Your investment inspired us to put our own spin on the bitcoin… introducing the “BEATcoin”!


It’s not cryptocurrency — it’s your direct investment in our participants. Celebrate our participants with disabilities and from under-resourced communities by investing in their access to Hip Hop arts education! Every “BEATcoin” you buy provides one (1) student free access to two (2) of our workshops. (You’ll also receive a limited edition BEATcoin sticker for every “BEATcoin” you purchase!)

Can you invest in our participants with a $25 “BEATcoin” today?

Your support makes our programming possible. Every dollar you give directly affects our ability to reach even more learners with disabilities who haven’t experienced our programming, even more under-resourced youth who need Hip Hop to let out their truest selves. Thank you!

Let the BEATcoins roll!

James and the BEAT Team: Brittany, Lulu, Luiggi, and Aileen

*You guessed it– the “BEATcoin” is not actual cryptocurrency, but it is tax deductible dopeness! (You also get a sticker!)

ICYMI: Here are all the updates we’ve sent about our exciting new direction:

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