Beat BINGO: A yellow bingo card with a picture of a record at the top with squares such as "Recorded a song", "Wrote a Poem", "Made a cover" etc

Bingo and Remote Learning

Virtual Open Mic

We are excited to share that we have had another successful week of virtual events that uplift our communities. Starting with out Virtual Open Mic held every Wednesday, students from SUNY Fredonia joined and rocked the stage. Thank you Allison Robins, David Gonzalez, and Shari Ransom for sharing your inspiring art.

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Happy Hour: Remote Learning Week

This week’s Happy Hour discussion focused on the new challenges families and educators are facing as we are forced to transition to remote learning. Educators from all over the city joined in to shared their experiences as they go above and beyond to educate their students through their screen. BEAT is proud to serve our communities by continuing to provide resources and virtual programming to our teachers and students. Click here to view our Artist Resources document.

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BEAT Bingo


Looking for a fun new challenge to share with your family and friends? Screenshot our BEAT Bingo card and find out how many lines you can cross off.  Post this on your social media story and tag us @beatglobal. You can always update your BEAT Bingo card with new opportunities to check off some boxes every week. Good luck!



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