Gif from the BEAtbox Band featuring the heads of three cartoon characters of different racial and gender identities in circles next to beatbox sounds that stream down a slide into drum kit instruments.

BEATbox With Your Kids With Our New Online Series: The BEATbox Band

Announcing the first video of our BEATbox Band online series! Learn how to beatbox with James, Julie and Johnny as they show you how to make cool beats and create fun music using nothing but your own voice.


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*BEATbox Band is an animated video series of our BEAT Rockers program that empowers youth through beatboxinging to unlock their creative potential. It’s a fun way to make music while also improving confidence and speech. Since 2009, we’ve taught beatboxing to 1,000 students with disabilities and witnessed their transformation! We’re a NYC-based nonprofit dedicated to uplifting our youth through the power of Hip Hop and the arts. If you enjoyed the video, please consider donating just $1.11 to help us continue creating these videos and making them available for free!

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