James and Brittany with BEAT Teaching Artists at a program site.

BEAT visits the EDxEDNYC Conference!

Welcome back to Inside the BEAT!

With Spring having peaked its head and already giving way to Summer, I couldn’t help but notice how BEAT is similarly going through a transition.

The impact of our growth was apparent at the 2019 EDxEDNYC Professional Learning Conference, where BEAT held down a booth and connected with an incredible array of teachers, administrators, and educators from all five boroughs and beyond. Incredibly, this year’s theme was “Empowering Educators for Equity and Excellence” –many of the topics and breakout sessions centered around the importance and inclusion of art and creativity as pathways to improved mental health and better lives, and emphasis supporting BEAT’s philosophy that the most effective learning takes place when the student is intrinsically motivated to learn.

In short, we have been on the right track! We’ve been pioneering, and in many ways, leading the way in using our unique Hip Hop-based programs as tools to teach, to learn, to empower, to solve problems, and most importantly, to have fun doing it.

Thank you for being on this journey with us and supporting our work.

James Kim

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